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First day

So I just got back from my very first day of work. Well… I really like my managers, and I like my coworkers, and I like the customers. It isn’t so bad at all. Though you would never guess how grimy and cluttered the back rooms are. I watched some thoroughly gripping educational videos, dug myself through a veritable textbook on training cashiers. Then I worked on the floor with another cashier. For all the fuss, I think I get it. I freaked them out a bit when I forgot to clock out and worked a bit more than I should; they were all “OMG!! Minor labor laws!” Oh well nothing shall come of it. Only one more thing to say… Bananas-4011

In case anyone wants to hang with me next week. This is my schedule.
Fri 11:00- ?
Sat 7:00- 3:00
Sun 1:30- 9:00
Mon 6:00- 10:00
Thurs 5:30-11:30
Fri 11:00- 8:00

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