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Somehow I think that this one suits me…

This has been a stressful day. The sparks were flying between Mom and I. So I spent the latter part of the day avoiding her. Apparently I don’t even deserve dinner anymore. Like an I’ll make food for Ian and I but you are on your own. I hope this doesn’t last. Then she uses the guilt thing…

“What have I done?”
“It’s more like what haven’t you done”

Meaning I haven’t done anything wrong. I know she has her problems but sometimes I feel like she just dumps on me. She is the only person I have argued/fought with in years. I think that holds some significance. She told me that I wasn’t to talk on the phone or play on the computer until I “got my act together” whatever the fuck that means. Then she’s cutting my allowance and going to delete all my files on the PC that do not relate to school. Honestly I doubt much of that will actually be carried out. But still. Delete my files? Let’s just say a lot of music and stuff will soon be hiding in some dark unobtrusive depths of the C drive. Not that I can’t download everything again if it came to that.

She told me that she loved me, but didn’t like me. That she washes her hands of me and doesn’t want to be around/talk/live with me at all. That I am self-centered, and that I believe the world revolves around me. That I am as responsible as a five year old. Not exactly constructive criticism here. I know things can be said in the heat of the moment, but I gotta say that hurt. I know she has some points but she didn’t have to say that.