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quiz thingie

[[spell your first name backwards]] Hannah… You don’t have to tell me… It’s AWESOME
[[the story behind your username]] It is derived from “Mouse the Cat” to be “Mouse ta’ cat” to be mouse2cat… interesting no?
[[where do you live]] in my house
[[wallet]] cheap
[[jewelry worn daily]] umm small earrings, a little amber necklace, braided anklet, my watch, but not rings so much anymore
[[shoes]] try converse, and fake-instocks
[[perfume/cologne]] my own hormones suffice thankee kindly.
[[piercing]] one in each ear
[[what are you wearing now]] Publix uniform with pig socks
[[on my mind]] the fact that I am conforming to society by actually doing a quiz.
[[wish]] to live happily ever after
[[talking to]] myself
[[eating]] coffee.
[[favorite movie]] King of hearts. it’s a little French flick.
[[something you're looking forward to in upcoming months]] Hanging with the Brian, going to an “R” rated movie, my first paycheck…
[[the last thing you ate]] a peach, and a chocolate bar.
[[something that you are deathly afraid of]] phones, the curse of the chain mail, a breakup.
[[do you believe in love]] that’s like asking “do you believe in socks?:
[[do you believe in love at first sight]] only when applied to food.
[[do you believe in forgiveness]] yes. All people are intrinsically good and I do not believe we should judge them by their mistakes or carelessness.
[[what are some of your favorite pig-out foods]] ethnic food
[[what's something you wish you could understand better]] SPANISH!!!!!!!!
[[anyone you miss you haven't seen in a long time]] Simone, Brian, Ben, Kat, Stephie, Dani, Beth, Val, Ney, Ort, Miki, Ellen, Jackie, David, Emilio, Amber…

Last time you…
[[cried]] A couple of days ago when I was playing Majora’s mask. I went back in time to get the gilded sword and I came back and everything was frozen again and I thought I would have to do the whole dungeon again and I had spent many hours playing and I was PMS and yes… Zelda made me cry… I am ashamed.
[[eaten]] if you call a candy bar eating…
[[been kissed]] I’d say… this morning… though if you mean “KISSED!!!” that would be ummm… Sunday evening.
[[felt stupid]] at Publix when I was trying to remember produce numbers
[[told someone you loved them]] yesterday Brian on the phone.
[[met someone new]] I met about 50 new people today
[[moved on]] what the hell…?!
[[talked to an ex]] The Riddick party ^__^ .
[[missed an ex]] …
[[talked to someone you've crushed on]] Brian

[[had a serious talk]] Talking can be serious?
[[hugged someone]] Bananas
[[fought with your parents]] Tomatoes.
[[did something your parents said no to]] Popcorn.
[[where is the best hangout]] My room
[[do you have a job]] I am a kickass cashier-ess .

[[do you like being around people]] more than anything
[[have you known the longest]] that would be Ben I knew him when I was in the womb.
[[who do you agree w/ the most]] -N/A-
[[do you always get along with]] -N/A
[[MOST TRUSTWORTHY]] this is like picking favorites… If I couldn’t trust you, you wouldn’t be my friend
[[makes you laugh the most]] pickles
[[have been there for you through the hard times]] la deeda
[[has the coolest parents]] .
[[has the coolest siblings]] ME
[[is the smartest]] I am Hell yea.

[[who is ur idol]] Ellen .
[[have you ever liked someone you never had a chance with]] I am with him right now
[[do you have a "type" of person you go after]] certainly
[[rather have a relationship or a "hook up"]] I want a meaningful and deep relationship that is long-lasting stable and mellow and wait. Look… I have that.
[[want to get married]] yea
[[want kids]] 2
[[do you believe you know the person whom you will marry]] well isn’t this a little forward
[[what is your favorite part of your physical appearance]] I have very sexy lips.
[[what is your favorite feeling]] You know that waking-up-slowly feeling, when you don’t have anything you have to do, you are refreshed, the temperature is perfect, there is a good book at hand
[[are you happy with you]] is this a trick question? I had better be happy with me. If was wasn’t then I’d be in trouble.
[[are you happy with your life]] I have ti figured out.

Now that I have played the part of the complete conformist (mostly because I was bored) I hardly ever do these things… In my mind they kinda fall in with chain mail and do I hate chain mail. La de da… Brian is back in town, and I get the next two days off. Ian is off at camp, and I have reached the end of the English fan subs in Full metal Alchemist T__T I am so addicted. Bah I am going to bed