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quiz thingie

[[spell your first name backwards]] Hannah… You don’t have to tell me… It’s AWESOME
[[the story behind your username]] It is derived from “Mouse the Cat” to be “Mouse ta’ cat” to be mouse2cat… interesting no?
[[where do you live]] in my house
[[wallet]] cheap
[[jewelry worn daily]] umm small earrings, a little amber necklace, braided anklet, my watch, but not rings so much anymore
[[shoes]] try converse, and fake-instocks
[[perfume/cologne]] my own hormones suffice thankee kindly.
[[piercing]] one in each ear
[[what are you wearing now]] Publix uniform with pig socks
[[on my mind]] the fact that I am conforming to society by actually doing a quiz.
[[wish]] to live happily ever after
[[talking to]] myself
[[eating]] coffee.
[[favorite movie]] King of hearts. it’s a little French flick.
[[something you're looking forward to in upcoming months]] Hanging with the Brian, going to an “R” rated movie, my first paycheck…
[[the last thing you ate]] a peach, and a chocolate bar.
[[something that you are deathly afraid of]] phones, the curse of the chain mail, a breakup.
[[do you believe in love]] that’s like asking “do you believe in socks?:
[[do you believe in love at first sight]] only when applied to food.
[[do you believe in forgiveness]] yes. All people are intrinsically good and I do not believe we should judge them by their mistakes or carelessness.
[[what are some of your favorite pig-out foods]] ethnic food
[[what's something you wish you could understand better]] SPANISH!!!!!!!!
[[anyone you miss you haven't seen in a long time]] Simone, Brian, Ben, Kat, Stephie, Dani, Beth, Val, Ney, Ort, Miki, Ellen, Jackie, David, Emilio, Amber…

Last time you…
[[cried]] A couple of days ago when I was playing Majora’s mask. I went back in time to get the gilded sword and I came back and everything was frozen again and I thought I would have to do the whole dungeon again and I had spent many hours playing and I was PMS and yes… Zelda made me cry… I am ashamed.
[[eaten]] if you call a candy bar eating…
[[been kissed]] I’d say… this morning… though if you mean “KISSED!!!” that would be ummm… Sunday evening.
[[felt stupid]] at Publix when I was trying to remember produce numbers
[[told someone you loved them]] yesterday Brian on the phone.
[[met someone new]] I met about 50 new people today
[[moved on]] what the hell…?!
[[talked to an ex]] The Riddick party ^__^ .
[[missed an ex]] …
[[talked to someone you've crushed on]] Brian

[[had a serious talk]] Talking can be serious?
[[hugged someone]] Bananas
[[fought with your parents]] Tomatoes.
[[did something your parents said no to]] Popcorn.
[[where is the best hangout]] My room
[[do you have a job]] I am a kickass cashier-ess .

[[do you like being around people]] more than anything
[[have you known the longest]] that would be Ben I knew him when I was in the womb.
[[who do you agree w/ the most]] -N/A-
[[do you always get along with]] -N/A
[[MOST TRUSTWORTHY]] this is like picking favorites… If I couldn’t trust you, you wouldn’t be my friend
[[makes you laugh the most]] pickles
[[have been there for you through the hard times]] la deeda
[[has the coolest parents]] .
[[has the coolest siblings]] ME
[[is the smartest]] I am Hell yea.

[[who is ur idol]] Ellen .
[[have you ever liked someone you never had a chance with]] I am with him right now
[[do you have a "type" of person you go after]] certainly
[[rather have a relationship or a "hook up"]] I want a meaningful and deep relationship that is long-lasting stable and mellow and wait. Look… I have that.
[[want to get married]] yea
[[want kids]] 2
[[do you believe you know the person whom you will marry]] well isn’t this a little forward
[[what is your favorite part of your physical appearance]] I have very sexy lips.
[[what is your favorite feeling]] You know that waking-up-slowly feeling, when you don’t have anything you have to do, you are refreshed, the temperature is perfect, there is a good book at hand
[[are you happy with you]] is this a trick question? I had better be happy with me. If was wasn’t then I’d be in trouble.
[[are you happy with your life]] I have ti figured out.

Now that I have played the part of the complete conformist (mostly because I was bored) I hardly ever do these things… In my mind they kinda fall in with chain mail and do I hate chain mail. La de da… Brian is back in town, and I get the next two days off. Ian is off at camp, and I have reached the end of the English fan subs in Full metal Alchemist T__T I am so addicted. Bah I am going to bed


  1. Anonymous wrote:

    You know, I read this, and saw all of the chain maile bashing, and was immediately prepared to be offended and dejected. But, then I realized that you weren’t talking about my gloriously heavy and shiny artwork, but instead about those bloody e-mails. In which case I agree completely. And I have a one-track mind, yes.

    And if the David whom you have not seen in a while is me, then I am touched. Although I’m not sure whether I’m known as Knutzen or David to you.


    Tuesday, June 29, 2004 at 2:04 PM | Permalink
  2. admin wrote:

    bloody e-mail

    I know, I just hate that e-mail stuff. though I think it is funny that “shiny chain mail” is how you read it. I love your stuff. BTW have you made a shirt yet? because all I saw was the hat. …if you want to call it a hat.

    and yes I was thinking about you, I just was trying to figure out how to spell “Knutzen” and gave up. It’s because you sign things with your last name so that is the name that comes to mind.

    Tuesday, June 29, 2004 at 3:44 PM | Permalink
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Re: bloody e-mail

    No, no shirt yet. I haven’t really made anything but jewlery since I did the coif (the hat/hood), mainly because I could never afford to slap down enough time to put into a shirt. I’m slow, so it’d take me forever. Plus, I’d have to get used to those big steel rings again! A whole different experience from the little microscopic stuff I’ve been working with the past 2 years.

    I do have a new sword, however. It is both very shiny and rather large, for a single-hander. Makes my inner Viking grin with glee in all of his Dark-Age piratical glory.


    Tuesday, June 29, 2004 at 4:28 PM | Permalink
  4. sushikat wrote:


    Awww, I ish not on the list. T-T Hehe. *glomps teh Hannah* Hey! We’ll both be getting our first paychecks soon! How fun.^^

    And go look at my livejournal! There’s a present there for you. XD

    Tuesday, June 29, 2004 at 8:19 PM | Permalink
  5. admin wrote:

    Re: **sniffle**

    you know that’s the problem with something like “list everyone you miss” list things there is always someone forgotten. But you are right I do miss you. That is why I left it … in order to include everyone I had forgotten. Now I shall check your LJ…

    Wednesday, June 30, 2004 at 4:33 AM | Permalink
  6. Missed

    Im not missed, so I think that means you see/hear me enough. lmao. I’m considering doing this one myself, but I doubt I could answer some of them “favorite part of your physical appearance” etc. Why don’t they just say sexiest and save time? Oh well, you gotta come down with Brian and watch Piracy again. But anyways, Full Metal alchemist is currently 37 episodes long, the 37th is un subbed, but I’m actually working as a translator for a group doing it, so give it a bit. In addition, after episode 31 ANBU stopped subbing, so you’ll need to look for Aoi-Anime and Sonchou subs. ^__^ up to 36 that is.

    I love all the openings… (listens to them and cries)

    Thursday, July 1, 2004 at 5:47 PM | Permalink
  7. sushikat wrote:

    Re: **sniffle**

    Fwee! Yay!^^

    Thursday, July 1, 2004 at 7:50 PM | Permalink
  8. admin wrote:

    Re: Missed

    it’s true, so I had been downloading sonchou. I didn’t see Aoi-anime though. It’s true I don’t “miss” because I’ve seen you regularly, or at least heard from you. But some of thoes people… I have not seen in years.

    Friday, July 2, 2004 at 3:49 AM | Permalink

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