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Monthly Archives: July 2004

You know I do this completely for my own benefit

and because I am prone to loose small pieces of paper. Brian, what days would it be possible for us to hang out? Sat – off Sun – off Mon – 3:00- 10:00 Tues- off Wed- 8:00- 3:30 Thurs- 8:00- 3:30 Fri- 10:00- 7:00

Herding Cats

Organizing Group 4 is like herding cats So we ARE meeting tomorrow at GA Tech? At least that was the plan when I last saw it. I have no Idea when we are planning to meet. I am bringing some food coloring and a camera. Because color photos would be very nice in a presentation. […]


Yesterday 24th 8:00/ 3:30 Sunday 25th- 4:30/ 10:00 (Adrew’s party) Monday 26th- off Tuesday 27th- 6:00/ 10:30 (group 4) Wednesday 28th- off (group 4) Thursday 29th- 4:30/ 10:30 Friday 30th- 9:30/ 5:00 I know they have me working on Andrew’s party. I am still tossing around the idea of calling in sick. It sucks. Also […]

We found Zoe’s remains, and buried what was left on the hill. Under the beech tree. I don’t want to talk about it right now

Where is my cat?

So Zoe is missing, and she has been for several days. We are starting the suspect the worst. I want to go look for her but I’m afraid of what I might find. Of all the cats, she is my favorite. I guess that thought hasn’t really sunken in yet. I want to believe she […]

Hannah Skconberh

ooh lookies! I just got an award from the “anti-defamation league” Poster contest… I wasn’t aware that I’d entered. I like how they spelled my name. -Hannah Skconberh Yep that’s me Skconberh. Has a nice ring to it. But where the hell did the “H” come from?

Post Cards

Hmmm. SO I don’t have to work tomorrow!!!! It’s Saturday and I don’t have to work! Now then there is the minor issue of senior pictures. Does anyone know where we are supposed to go for that? I mean do we go to the school? or to some dark lair of unfathomable evil/photography? It didn’t […]

Follow me! I have no idea where I’m going!

So I am going to clean my room. Or at least that is the plan. Fortunately my room isn’t nearly as messy as say…. Stephanie’s faced with the onerous room cleaning task of “clear a path” Actually it isn’t that bad at all, dusty but not bad. I have been watching way too much Invader […]


schedule for week of 7/17 Sat – off Sun 2:30- 9:30 Mon 10:30- 6:30 Tues – off Wed 4:30- 10:00 Thurs – off Fri 11:00- 8:00 Yea, so I am off a little early. It’s so hot today I hope Brian doesn’t kill himself. That would be awful. Nothing to say… that is, nothing interesting. […]

So last night I had trouble falling asleep. My IB skillz are wearing off!! It didn’t help that I decided to read. I can’t fall asleep while reading, I mean I COULD but I always put it down before it comes to that. So I got to sleep at 5:00AM ish. And that just sums […]


The Schedule! duh duh dunnnn Sat 4:00- 9:30 Sun 4:30- 10:30 Mon- off Tues- off (group 4 right?) Wed 7:30- 2:00 Thurs 5:00- 9:30 Fri 3:30- 9:30 So erratic. Let me tell you. Today I got to check out Spiderman, and here I thought leprechauns were cool. He must have been in disguise, but he […]

Is there no end to it?

It is a sad day when a poor, blind, Canadian, college student cannot even speak French to his guide dog they had him kicked out because it was an “English-only school.” Right. I’d like to see them try something like that at Campbell. I leave for work in a couple of hours. I should make […]

Hooters Air

Yes… it does exist. *cringe* I hope that clears things up. Hooters to Join Mile-High Club On March 6, Hooters Air will make its inaugural flight from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach, S.C., banking on the idea that sex can sell airline tickets as well as it peddles chicken fingers and beer. The plane, a Boeing […]



I have Hannah icons!!! Yay. I am the best pirate around. That is just awesome. I got off work and I am wired, I mean there really isn’t much to say but I am going to try my best. I had a big cup of strong coffee and I really have a buzz. I hardly […]


I just feel drained. Hmm.

schedule for the week

Tomorrow: 11:00- 8:00 Sat 11:30- 8:30 Sun 2:00- 11:00 Mon 5:30- 11:00 Tues- off Wed- off Thurs 4:30- 11:00 Fri 4:00- 10:30 So that’s this week’s schedule. I put this up more for my own benefit than anything else. I can loose a piece of paper, but I am sure not going to loose this […]


You know the little deadlines Mrs. Connelly set for us. Like “send in your statement of task by June 30″ This is what I have figured out. I was thinking. I cannot change the due date, but on my computer I can control time. So I sent in a “statement of task” today on the […]