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You know the little deadlines Mrs. Connelly set for us. Like “send in your statement of task by June 30″ This is what I have figured out. I was thinking. I cannot change the due date, but on my computer I can control time. So I sent in a “statement of task” today on the first but it isn’t late because I told my computer it is the 30th. So when my teacher opens up her email my letter will be in with all the ones that were on time. Does that make sense? I got the idea from some spammer who decided that he wanted to bury his spam deep into the old email I had already read. I just did the same thing.

Yesterday Brian, Dani and I went to Athens to see UGA. I must say the campus was pretty nice. So yea. I leave for work at 5:20. I’m going to eat something and take a shower.

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