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I have Hannah icons!!! Yay. I am the best pirate around. That is just awesome. I got off work and I am wired, I mean there really isn’t much to say but I am going to try my best. I had a big cup of strong coffee and I really have a buzz. I hardly ever get a buzz from coffee anymore but man this was some strong stuff. I suppose that is for the best, because I don’t usually drink coffee for the caffeine, I just like the taste. If I wanted to I could stop. I did it once. I had these rotten headaches for a couple of days. But if I did it slowly I could avoid that. No matter there are worse things to be hooked on. …like heroin. *feeds fish*

I have been thinking about college and stressing about it too. It has become this big emotional thing. Part of which is due to the fact that I feel tied to Georgia. I suppose that is my box. But I don’t think I am ready to go THAT far from my family, at the same time I don’t want to be far from Brian. I know I shouldn’t let that affect my choice but it does. eeh… enough of that.

I want to write a novel. I know this is something that Dani is trying to do, and struggling with. It isn’t an easy thing and I don’t know if I would have the discipline to keep at it till the end. In truth I would probably write a page, put it down, walk away, and decide I didn’t like it. My problem with many of the popular fiction novels are that they are very formulaic. I mean dragons and elves are nice, but can’t they be a little more creative? And that’s the heart of the problem. I am going to sit down and “be creative” oi, sure you are. I have just become more picky. Those cheap novels just don’t seem to cut it anymore. Part of me says that it’d be better to write nothing at all, rather than write something bad. There are too many bad books out there.

So I’d say the coffee is starting to wear off. I am slowing down. Well I could just lie down, I’m sure my 10 second count down would still apply. Oh and Stephanie I have some sexy glamorous pictures of you. Would you like me to post them in the Live Journal for the world to see? or not? hmm. I want to see Spiderman… maybe I can talk Brian into coming and seeing it with me. I have heard only good things about that movie.

La dee daa. I am a sexy pirate!