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Herding Cats

Organizing Group 4 is like herding cats

So we ARE meeting tomorrow at GA Tech? At least that was the plan when I last saw it. I have no Idea when we are planning to meet. I am bringing some food coloring and a camera. Because color photos would be very nice in a presentation. I don’t know much about dye so if anyone has food dyes or any other sort, please grab those, extra would not hurt.

I got a call; apparently I got a 5 of the Spanish IB exam! I was so scared I would fail it. Today I hung with Dani and Stephie and Bill, and we had a grand old time. Watched Blazing Saddles and we all ate Tacos. Right now I have a sudden desire for a lava lamp. Words not coming out… will update in… morning… mmmmm lava lamp.