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Is there no end to it?

It is a sad day when a poor, blind, Canadian, college student cannot even speak French to his guide dog they had him kicked out because it was an “English-only school.” Right. I’d like to see them try something like that at Campbell.

I leave for work in a couple of hours. I should make myself a big cup of coffee, It will help me stay up and alert until eleven. Which might I add stinks mightily. But this is all thrown in shadow by the simple fact. I have money now. Not that I am going to spend it (greedy bastard that I am) It’s just something new. Maybe I should buy Dani a Barbie. I know she wants one, I claim Vespa Barbie. ^__^ lol

You know that feeling like there is something important you need to be doing but somehow you forgot what it was. Bah. Silliness. I am just getting paranoid about group 4, and the “math project” my instructions are so vague. I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing, and I just want to hang out with Brian. Not to avoid life in general, just not to be unduly stressed by it.

I am going to try to have dinner before I go. The folks went to harries’ farmers market. I had not idea the weird food items they were craving. Lemongrass, a gallon of blueberries, cream cheese, 6 different flavors of beer, espresso cookies, fish, and tiny red potatoes. There are worse things than to get a kick out of going to the grocery store.

It’s dusty in here.

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  1. evilcarlita wrote:



    I love Harry’s!! they have the best tofu!

    Thursday, July 8, 2004 at 11:57 PM | Permalink

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