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Post Cards

Hmmm. SO I don’t have to work tomorrow!!!! It’s Saturday and I don’t have to work! Now then there is the minor issue of senior pictures. Does anyone know where we are supposed to go for that? I mean do we go to the school? or to some dark lair of unfathomable evil/photography? It didn’t say on the sheet I was given. That or I didn’t look that hard, which is a very conceivable possibility. Meh.

So now I was thinking about post cards. Now post cards are the most silly and wonderful things. They only give you enough space to write say… 3, 4 sentences. So you can’t really say anything at all. Then again if you send a post card you are not obligated to say any more than 3 to 4 sentences, and you can just get that yay-I-sent-a-card thing going for you. You see I found in my stash of things some very… interesting post cards. heheh… I think I’ll send them to Brian over the next 6 months. I wonder where I put my even stranger ones. The ones with googly eyes all over them…

I saw David at Publix today! He got loads of yogurt, probably for his shady yogurt purposes. Hi! It just made my day.

See you when I see you, PEACE!