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Yesterday 24th 8:00/ 3:30
Sunday 25th- 4:30/ 10:00 (Adrew’s party)
Monday 26th- off
Tuesday 27th- 6:00/ 10:30 (group 4)
Wednesday 28th- off (group 4)
Thursday 29th- 4:30/ 10:30
Friday 30th- 9:30/ 5:00

I know they have me working on Andrew’s party. I am still tossing around the idea of calling in sick. It sucks. Also on the 27th (group 4 day) I suppose if I have to go in at 6:00 I can theoretically do both. At least I get Monday off…

It’s been a couple of days since we buried Zoe, but it doesn’t feel like she’s gone. In fact I have not been able to grieve for her because of that, and I feel really awful about it. It’s like somehow if I can’t cry for her it means that I didn’t really love her. That somehow her loss means nothing. I know that isn’t true but I still feel wretched about it anyway. When we found her there really wasn’t much left. Mostly just a skull. I guess I wasn’t able to acknowledge that it was her that we were burying. At the same time I can remember everything about her so vividly. The texture of her fur, her smell, her warmth, the sound of her purring, the feel of her tail flicking across my face, and still I can’t really grieve.