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The Schedule! duh duh dunnnn
Sat 4:00- 9:30
Sun 4:30- 10:30
Mon- off
Tues- off (group 4 right?)
Wed 7:30- 2:00
Thurs 5:00- 9:30
Fri 3:30- 9:30

So erratic. Let me tell you. Today I got to check out Spiderman, and here I thought leprechauns were cool. He must have been in disguise, but he couldn’t fool me. I even told him so. He said he gets it all the time. Sound suspicious? Maybe he gets it all the time for a reason. The movie blew his cover! It was SPIDERMAN!!!! Ahem.

And then, I was accused of giving Miguel the “sex look” I quote him here. I am not exactly sure what this “sex look” looks like. So I have been trying very hard to not give any “sex looks” or anything that could be mistaken for one. But that only make it worse. Especially when he looks me dead in the eye and says “you’re doing it again” What the hell am I doing? I am pretty sure he is just teasing me and I am sure he is getting a kick out of it.