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Monthly Archives: August 2004

I have this daydream that I keep thinking about. And have been for years. If I could split into two of me. We could sit down together and really get cracking on this IB homework. I would look over at the other Hannah and say “alright you start on that sketchbook, while I finish up […]

Ok so I am driving home from open house. And I was in a car accident. Believe it or not it was entirely not my fault, I was stopped at a red light that had just turned green. I didn’t get going fast enough so the guy behind me so thought he’d go on ahead. […]

Ian Treeboy

So we went and took pictures of Ian. That is Ian climbed around in trees and I took pictures of him. They turned out fantastic. The lighting was perfect, and Ian was willing to do amazing feats of monkey agility to satisfy my deprived artist needs. As it should be… Actually I am incredibly grateful […]

this is just perfect Just beats everything. Even the stylish and refined things in life. Goodnight

Porco Rosso

Ok so yesterday at work sucked, there was this one customer was so angry about this tiny little problem with receipt paper. Mind you it was all there, but she had asked me to change my roll because I was running low. So there were two pieces of paper. Let me just say, I had […]

Happy Saturday!

This icon entertains me to no end. Today I work from 11:00 to 7:00 That isn’t so bad, because Kerry, one of the sweetest people is running front end. I am going to chill for the next hour or so.

I am an Island

For some reason I have been very tired today. I just need to curl up and get some sleep. meeh. I got some new icons. This year has been weird. I just don’t feel very close to any of my best girl friends. I am not as loud and extrovert as I was for the […]

Blue Spirit toes

So I have been working on my math project. Honestly I am not worried about it. Mrs. Connelly knows exactly where I am and I know what she’ll be expecting from me. On top of that my project is… (get this) fun. I am analysing minesweeper. I get to play computer games and mess around […]

This game is pretty neat I’d bet money that Brian listened to NPR all the way home last night. Am I right?

psychedelic umbrella

So today I decided to get an umbrella. My rationale was that I did in fact need an umbrella and even though it isn’t raining now it will in fact rain someday. I am fairly sure of this. Also I was attracted like a moth to its violent green color. This is like a glow-in-the-dark […]

I can update. I got home from school and I worked to 11:30. I am so very tired. Just very very tired… and eloquent (sarcasm). I have this need to say something deep and profound right now but I just can’t. I got my card in the mail. It’s crazy I don’t have to carry […]

Last day of Summer

This is it, the last day of summer. Though I could say that Friday was the last day and this just happens to be the weekend. Though “last day of the weekend” is slightly less dramatic. Right now I feel terribly unprepared. I go into work at 1:30 and I’ll work till 9:30. So basically […]

schedule… Chill up dude!

Sat- 1:30- 9:30 Sun- 1:30- 9:30 Mon- off Tues- off Wed- off Thurs- off Fri- 5:00- 11:30 I guess this is one of thoes curl up in a hoodie with a warm drink moments. *fetches hoodie* I guess I am feeling intimidated by school, and combined with my general procrastination atitude. I need to get […]

Fig tree

Today I trained David Cho in the cashier art. That’s right David. And that’s right trained. It was great. So in a little while I am going to see if I can get some school supplies. And we found a lovely fig tree, full of figs.

You know I really want to read a bit before I go to bed. But I know I have to get up early in the morning. On top of that I am so tired my eyes burn. So I guess it’s to bed with me now. Damn, I really wanted to read too. But I […]

I always have mixed feelings on going back to school. A cross between, I get to see my friends!!! and Shit, I have to do my summer work!! Though what that summer work is exactly I find is up for debate. There is nothing I love more than vague instruction. I feel confused. So let […]