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I can update. I got home from school and I worked to 11:30. I am so very tired. Just very very tired… and eloquent (sarcasm). I have this need to say something deep and profound right now but I just can’t. I got my card in the mail. It’s crazy I don’t have to carry around cash now.

Schedule for this week
Sat 14th 10:30-6:30
Sun 15th 3:30-10:30
Fri 20th 6:30-12:00

I am only supposed to be working 2 days a week, but at least they fixed that whole teleporting to work bit. It’s like no. I can’t come in at 3:30 on Friday it is not humanly possible.

So maybe I should make some reference to the going back to school bit. But why do I want to repeat everything my buds have been saying. Simplified. Friends rock. School sucks. I miss summer. I think I was really getting somewhere with the two word sentences.