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I have this daydream that I keep thinking about. And have been for years. If I could split into two of me. We could sit down together and really get cracking on this IB homework. I would look over at the other Hannah and say “alright you start on that sketchbook, while I finish up the lit stuff” and then we could like have one sleeping and one working. I think I would work well with me, if me was a separate identity. Not like Calvin, who didn’t want to work. That’s right. I have done everything crucial for tomorrow. My extended essay is in shambles/pitiful. Lucky for me I have till Friday to get that in on time. On top of that I have the help of two… enthusiastic art teachers. It’s just a tad late tonight to worry hard about anything. Why bother working anymore, because whatever I can write now will be complete shit (like this entry). I just hope I will be able to drag myself from bed tomorrow morning. Tomorrow Brian and I will have been together for a year. Fancy that. A year is a long time. It is kinda scary the number of songs I know from the Garden State soundtrack.

I have to feed the fish. Sorry for not being coherent. It’s late. so late. I am getting a big cup of coffee tomorrow morning. And I am getting a hug. Because I need one. and a nap. I wonder if you can drink coffee and sleep at the same time, on the bus. That’s why I like the back. It’s perfect to curl up in. Like a bed. What was I saying? Yeh… this is why it isn’t a good idea for me to write essays, right now. Oooh the screen is blurry. I can type with my eyes closed. Like a sleep typer. Maybe I would type a dream or something.