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I am an Island

For some reason I have been very tired today. I just need to curl up and get some sleep. meeh. I got some new icons.

This year has been weird. I just don’t feel very close to any of my best girl friends. I am not as loud and extrovert as I was for the past 3 years. I’ll sit at the lunch table and quietly listen to the conversation. I feel like I am not even part of Kat’s life anymore. I know this is in part my fault. It just hurts. Then I don’t even hang out with Andrea anymore. Which is really weird. Because we used to be really close. I NEVER get to see Sarang (damn HL schedule) I just don’t have enough energy right now. Maybe I just sound like this because I am hungry. I feel isolated. Maybe I just need to go to a party of something, or eat something.

Now that I look over this it sounds really depressing. I don’t feel all that bad. Just a little sad. I got all worked up reading Val’s LJ, and I was thinking about Zoe. and and and… I am going to do my lit homework now.