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Porco Rosso

Ok so yesterday at work sucked, there was this one customer was so angry about this tiny little problem with receipt paper. Mind you it was all there, but she had asked me to change my roll because I was running low. So there were two pieces of paper. Let me just say, I had to get my manager over, and then we had to get the store manager over. I was just sitting there stressing out the whole time. Not my fault at all, and I am not in trouble. I took it well until she left, and then my and I bagger started crying. I mean she was THAT scary.

Before I forget
Yesterday (Sat) 11:00- 7:00
Today (Sun) 2:30- 9:00
Friday 5:00-8:30

I just watched the new Miyazaki film Porco Rosso. It isn’t in English yet, but there were subtitles. And let me tell you it was fantastic. I think we should watch it in club. Maybe not this Monday, I think the group is bent on Fullmetal Alchemist, but we need to show this film. I might not be able to burn it to disc though. I have had trouble recently. My burner won’t burn squat and the other computer doesn’t quite recognize AVI. files. Mp3s are no problem but I’d have to try it again. It was very very good, and soon (or later) is going to be released by Disney. There were all these wonderful old-fashioned airplanes and stuff.

I talked to Matt, and he said he is going to cut my hours some more so I won’t have to work 3 days a week. I feel like a pansy, but I am having trouble juggling school with 18 hours a week. I need to hang out with my friends more. Last night rocked. Right now it is a little hard for me to have company over, as that our house is under MAJOR construction. Mr. Jones almost lives over here. But that’s cool; I like him. And I think right now he is the only one keeping my parents from eating each other. Isn’t that a nice visual?