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psychedelic umbrella

So today I decided to get an umbrella. My rationale was that I did in fact need an umbrella and even though it isn’t raining now it will in fact rain someday. I am fairly sure of this. Also I was attracted like a moth to its violent green color. This is like a glow-in-the-dark green umbrella. I like that. If anyone decided that they wanted to say… steal an umbrella (my umbrella)… I would be able to spot this thing from a mile away… in the fog. Then I started thinking wouldn’t it be the most awesome thing to paint “looking up into trees” on the bottom of an umbrella? I mean you would see it only when you were actually “looking up” (I would paint on the inside) If I could get some textile paint that would work for polyester I could have the most freaking psychedelic umbrella on the face of this earth.

Main Entry: 2psychedelic
1 a : of, relating to, or being drugs (as LSD) capable of producing abnormal psychic effects (as hallucinations) and sometimes psychic states resembling mental illness b : produced by or associated with the use of psychedelic drugs
2 : imitating, suggestive of, or reproducing effects (as distorted or bizarre images or sounds) resembling those produced by psychedelic drugs

I am so going to take a nap. I almost overslept slept for work. Though I only had to be in by 10:30. David Cho was all “so you look tired” “How has IB been treating you?” I guess you wouldn’t know now David would you… quitter! I also need to feed the fish and stuff and butt loads of homework.

My room is an object of shame; everything is everywhere. The dust bunnies have formed dust armies and are now contriving a coup. Maybe I can prevent the revolution before it’s too late…

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