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Monthly Archives: September 2004

OK so I just finished watching Mallrats which was… fantastic. I don’t know who thought I wouldn’t appreciate it. I personally liked the fortuneteller with three nipples. That just cracked me up. And that magic eye, I have NEVER been able to see one of those things. And now I understand the “sock full of […]


Ok so this weekend has rocked. I didn’t go to work at all and instead we all went to AWA-con (Anime Weekend Atlanta) In costume. It was one of the best feelings to look just like my absolute favorite character and wave around this huge pirate flag. Me, Brian and Andrew were Luffy, Zoro, and […]

Stupid Mouse

So my mouse is being a little f-tard and only moving up and down and not left and right. That is of course unless I hit it. So I have been smacking my mouse around trying to do simple things like watch my bootlegs and update LJ. It has done something like this in the […]

talk like a pirate day

It is cold in my room. As we have been systematically destroying our house there are little leeks and such that let the cold air in. I piled blankets on my bed making it into some sort of nest with History all over it. I never quite realized how much faster it is to type […]

Weather Report

SCRATCH THAT! NO SCHOOL! Though I am probably the last one to notice this. Yay!

Well I had something to say, but I say I totally missed the train of thought just now. I guess I’ll have to wait at the station until it comes back. Until then I suppose I can play cards and read “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. I hope I am not the only one who […]

She’s a Man-Eater

Sooo… Target was completely out of the flip-flops I needed. They had one. Not one pair. One shoe. But the trip was not altogether unsuccessful. I got myself the most awesome t-shirt. I will leave you in suspence… hehehhehh. Just awesome! Anyhoo I am twiddlin away at the math homework. Because I don’t have to […]

Crazy Eye

So I have been taking it easy this week. It is a bit of a breather from last week. (I know I’ll kick myself for this later)So yea IB. I updated my icons. I get so much out of that… This is one of the most strangely awesome icons I have ever found. Hypnotic even. […]

I hate automatic checkout

I just came back from Kroger (yes that’s right) they have a fantastic ice cream that Publix doesn’t carry. You know how Kroger has those automatic checkout things? I hate them with a passion. The are one of the most truly awful things in the world. So anywho, I am with my dad a he […]

Soooo. I am off work. Tomorrow I am GOING TO HANG OUT WITH BRIAN. If I have to stay up all night typing essays to do it. Or… get up in the morning and do it then. Meeh. I want to go to bed. So I will. Goodnight

Soooo…. (something witty)

Sat 3:00-11:30 Sun 2:00-10:00 Right now I feel very tired. I am going to sleep in tomorrow. I think I have earned this. After I’m up, I am going to drink some coffee. Mmmm. And then I think I’ll read something or take a shower. Then I’ll bake muffins. Update my livejournal again. I am […]

My homework will eat your face!

Holy Crap! I can just say the extended essay is not getting done tonight. I’ll do as much as a can (proly’ not much at all) But that doesn’t matter because my mentors (yes that it plural)the art teachers, will both be absent on Friday. WHOOT! I have to do the rewrite and that stupid […]