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OK so I just finished watching Mallrats which was… fantastic. I don’t know who thought I wouldn’t appreciate it. I personally liked the fortuneteller with three nipples. That just cracked me up. And that magic eye, I have NEVER been able to see one of those things. And now I understand the “sock full of quarters” joke. It feels good.
hmmm… DELETED (Strongbad voice).
What was the next movie I was supposed to watch? Jay and Silent Bob? I think so…

Anyhoo, I have to listen to some music so I can get this song out of my head. Val, I asked you what it was in art today and I forgot the name. I goes something like… ….America… Alien nation… It was on the radio. That is all I can remember. And there is nothing more annoying than having a song stuck in your head when you only remember three words from the lyrics.

And now I think I shall read a book, or maybe watch this anime that downloaded, or do my homework…