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Crazy Eye

So I have been taking it easy this week. It is a bit of a breather from last week. (I know I’ll kick myself for this later)So yea IB. I updated my icons. I get so much out of that… This is one of the most strangely awesome icons I have ever found. Hypnotic even.

I really don’t have anything to say, I don’t even know why I am updating. Tomorrow is Friday and I have 1/2 a day of art. *glow*

I feel like I have become much quieter in the last couple of months. That is a strange thing to say but, I just don’t feel as talkative as I usually do. I need to go hibernate for a couple of months. Then I can crawl out and drink a couple gallons of coffee and be good to go.

I think I can feel storms in my knees. I always thought they were growing pains. But I am not growing anymore. One of the cashiers at work said the bones can be sensitive to changes in pressure. Which are usually indicative of storms. So with that said. I say that a storm is coming. Might even be that OTHER hurricane we’ve been hearing about. hmmm… could be…