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I hate automatic checkout

I just came back from Kroger (yes that’s right) they have a fantastic ice cream that Publix doesn’t carry. You know how Kroger has those automatic checkout things? I hate them with a passion. The are one of the most truly awful things in the world. So anywho, I am with my dad a he does right for the little bugger. Of course it doesn’t work! It never works! We get that all sorted out. There is a cashier meanwhile standing a few feet over twwidilin’ her thumbs. We could have gone to her. It would have been a piece of cake. I have never felt so obsolete in my entire life. I honestly do a job that a machine could do. (not very well, and obnoxiously but still…)

this week… nice
Sat 11:30-8:30
Sun 4:00-10:00
I am not closing! Whoot!

This year I am going to cosplay as luffy from One Piece. I know I don’t look anything like him. But the mere thought of cosplaying as him just gives me shivers of happiness. And for that, it is so worth it. Not to mention the ridiculously easy costume. Oooohhh *shivers with happiness* Besides, I have to be the captain… Duh

What is with that? all my favorite characters are boys. Maybe I just like boys. Heheheheheeee cosplaying as Luffy!!!! ^______^

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