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Monthly Archives: October 2004


So I had my Halloween party. We watched the Ring. Now I don’t ever watch scary movies. This was pretty much the first scary movie I have seen. And now that it’s over and my friends have gone home… my house suddenly is very very quiet. I think my reaction to the movie over all […]

Pirate or Witch? Champloo is cool!

Well… I am working Halloween 2:00-9:30 and also Saturday 1:00-8:30 Now I have to do some homework. I am going to figure the things out tomorrow. Dani, Brian gets off at 7:00. Just so you know. And ditching the candy for a scary (or not scary ^__^) movie was an idea. Also I need to […]

Stupid House

So not much happening here. I am once again editing my Marquez essay. It is amazing how I can still find little grammatical errors when this thing has been proofed like a bazillion times. And I also think that writing these things at extremely late hours does little to improve my prose. In fact is […]

Ok so I am sitting here fretting over the Fucktard Extended essay. Now I find in my infinite wisdom that there is a documentary filmed on the artist I am writing about. I mean, this is like a film length documentary about what I am writing. That is AWESOME!!! If only I could watch it […]

The gay agenda is (apparently) the greatest threat to freedom we face.

And I know why! See… It’s because they’re EVIL. They’re evil because they can’t defend us against terrorists. And they can’t defend us agains terrorists because they can’t join the army. And they can’t join the army because gay people aren’t allowed. And they aren’t allowed… Because they’re evil! You are not European. What’s your […]

It is so cold in my room. I am huddling under a huge down comforter to work on my essay. It is so easy to be distracted especially when it is freezing. Let me huddle next to the lava lamp for warmth. Brian, I feel for you… so cold. So I am going to pop […]

Round Earth

Ok so I just watched the debates and Kerry kicked Bush’s ass. Not to be blunt, but Bush could not stay on topic and he kept on referring to Kerry as “my opponent” Hello he has a name! Then he kept making up statistics which Kerry called him on again… and again…. After watching to […]

A whole new reason to vote Democrat

I think they should change their campaign slogan to, Vote democrat


Ok so after the NHS ceremony we get home at about 9:30. I was a bit disappointed when they told me to come and the only other seniors who were there were the ones running the show. They make way too big a deal out of it. I mean honestly! I got to hang with […]

So soon I leave to take the not so difficult yet painfully long SAT. And then I have to go in to work but where did I put my schedule? I know I go in at 5:00 so I suppose I can work it out from there. I don’t think this coffee has any sugar […]

Fish Say: “float float”

So today I went to the Zen center. I haven’t been in a long time as that I am usually working, or doing homework. So I talked with Arthur about grief and I got to see all my good friends again. It was sort of a welling sadness that I haden’t really let myself feel […]