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So soon I leave to take the not so difficult yet painfully long SAT. And then I have to go in to work but where did I put my schedule? I know I go in at 5:00 so I suppose I can work it out from there. I don’t think this coffee has any sugar in it. Brian, you are totally right a body needs at least 6hours and 15minutes. Those extra 15 minutes are crucial.

So I finally saw the last episode of Fullmetal Alchemist. And then I had a weird dream about cosplaying. In the dream I was dressed as Luffy and we all were working at this extremely ghetto convention. Things were falling apart and it was all outdoors.

Nyh… I have to go get ready. Wish me luck on that pesky SAT. Do some voodoo magic or something because right now I feel that I’ll need it.