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Fish Say: “float float”

So today I went to the Zen center. I haven’t been in a long time as that I am usually working, or doing homework. So I talked with Arthur about grief and I got to see all my good friends again. It was sort of a welling sadness that I haden’t really let myself feel after Zoe died. I guess emotionally I haven’t let go of her. I have these dreams that she comes home and that she didn’t die. In the dreams it’s like “of course, she just came home” There really wasn’t much closure. She just never came back. So I have been somewhat angry with myself that I havent truly cried. Or experienced the grief that I feel I was supposed to. Arthur said that I don’t need to worry about it, however I feel is what I need to feel. I know it is obvious, but it was good for me to hear it. I can’t even think about her without feeling tears.

Today I work from 6:00-9:00 I mean, honestly isn’t that the silliest little shift. Oh well. It works well for me, because I am a lazybum.

Oh and you guys don’t need to understand the icon it is more for my own entertainment. It is just some obscure page (vol.1/ch.3/p.113) from Houshin Engi that had me rolling. The japanese says “float”… Or at least that’s how some some translators at “nameless manga translation” translated it. There are fish floating about his head. If you see the page is comes from there are people behind him chanting Sardine! Sardine! He is doing a fortune telling.

Japan for sale Vol. 4 track 9 is one of the openings to Fullmetal Alchemist. I don’t know why, but there is no mistaking it. I have no idea why that song would be on this CD. I am baffled.

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