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Ok so after the NHS ceremony we get home at about 9:30. I was a bit disappointed when they told me to come and the only other seniors who were there were the ones running the show. They make way too big a deal out of it. I mean honestly! I got to hang with Brian and such, but we were both pretty out of it. I feel like a nag sometimes but Brian works so hard that it really worries me. AND there was no Anime Club! I hate how Mrs. Udell likes to cancel the club without telling us.

So I am at home and trying to sort through this bio lab. At 11:30 I still couldn’t figure out this “graph” thing. I had so much trouble with the graphs. I was so worked up about it too. So yea, I am taking a day off. I can study and sleep, and do that god-awful lab, and the Math project, and the menacing history paper. Mrs. Smith is going to eat me alive for missing her test. Dr. Davis… who cares what he thinks, and I miss my long art day. Right now I don’t care too much. I am going to eat something and clean up a bit. …take a nap.