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Pirate or Witch? Champloo is cool!

Well… I am working Halloween 2:00-9:30
and also Saturday 1:00-8:30

Now I have to do some homework.
I am going to figure the things out tomorrow. Dani, Brian gets off at 7:00. Just so you know. And ditching the candy for a scary (or not scary ^__^) movie was an idea. Also I need to see what Steph is up to. It’s a little late to go around calling people.

Now here is the question
Should I be a witch or a pirate?
Such a dilemma, I mean pirates are THE BOMB! But I have this sexy black witch costume, and pointed hats to spare.
So… Witch or pirate.

Whether the weather is hot or whether the weather is not, whether the weather whatever the weather, weather we like it or not…