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So I had my Halloween party. We watched the Ring. Now I don’t ever watch scary movies. This was pretty much the first scary movie I have seen. And now that it’s over and my friends have gone home… my house suddenly is very very quiet. I think my reaction to the movie over all was rather strange. I just cried the whole movie. I don’t mean like whimper whimper waahhhh! cry. I just had water pouring out of my eyes… the whole movie. I didn’t let on how much that movie truly freaked me out. I mean I keep thinking about the girl crawling out of that damn well and I swear I start crying again. and the hair in the well, the whole static overused VHS feel to the movie was so eerie. I didn’t think the deaths were too bad at all but I think it was how everything tied into the tape. Like her going into the girl’s barn loft room. and once more that damn well. Wells are scary things especially when there are claw marks on the walls. That is like the coffins that they opened and there were claw marks on the inside. Scary like being buried alive. And being closed up in there for 7 days. Talking about it is not helping. What I didn’t get was why the girl was so evil. I mean, motive? She was evil before she was killed. I could just say that she was simply evil and that works for me. But maybe I’m missing something here or looking too deep. Oooh feel the nightmare. I am going to think about something else now. I can just feel the nightmare coming on.

Regardless, I think it was nice to have people over again. Thank you all for coming and THOSE WHO DID NOT COME (Joseph)!!!! May you all fall into wells.

I got to wear a costume to work today. My Republican friends called me the “wicked witch of the left” (so it is cheesy now but it was hilarious then) Happy Halloween, Happy Day Light Savings, Happy Sunday. Now I am going to turn on some music and NOT think about the Ring.