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Round Earth

Ok so I just watched the debates and Kerry kicked Bush’s ass. Not to be blunt, but Bush could not stay on topic and he kept on referring to Kerry as “my opponent” Hello he has a name! Then he kept making up statistics which Kerry called him on again… and again…. After watching to two of them together I have changed my stance to be less anti-Bush and more pro-Kerry I mean he had his act together tonight. Even though the republicans will be devastated by hurricanes.

It was the best of sketches. It was the worst of sketches. I was so disappointed with the first sketch I had done that I finally had to do another. It had been bothering me so much. And the second was great! I am pleased. I have to stop putting off the history paper. That is going to bite me this weekend. I don’t even have the right to complain about it. F-you Wannamaker. It isn’t so bad; I like to write things by hand generally. I take pride in the fact that he will have to squint to read my cursive. Dude, I am going to write print for IB, but for Wannamaker nothing less.

I know no one is going to see this in the next 30 minutes. So I wish you all a very happy Thursday.