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Stupid House

So not much happening here. I am once again editing my Marquez essay. It is amazing how I can still find little grammatical errors when this thing has been proofed like a bazillion times. And I also think that writing these things at extremely late hours does little to improve my prose. In fact is makes me sound like I am a repetitive dimwit.

Now I am going to complain about my house. Because anyone who thinks they understand the horrors of home renovation HAS NO FUCKING IDEA. I would say that my house (including my house in Florida) had been under some sort of renovation for a good 70% of my life. Right now we have no kitchen, no floors (concrete slab) no running water downstairs except in the bathroom, no cabinets, no sheet rock, no back patio, no carpet in the hallways, bare wood on the stairs, no banister, no counters and everything is thickly layered with sheet rock dust. After a while the dust gets in your eyes and it is physically painful to be in my house. My parents won’t have company (except for Brian and a couple others) because it is so crazy here. I honestly think that I am taking this well considering that we haven’t had floors downstairs for about two years. Yes TWO YEARS!!! We don’t know what we are going to do for Thanksgiving because we don’t have a kitchen. We don’t even have a microwave. I mean Brian; you haven’t even seen my house while it was not under construction. It felt good to get that out.

Now if only I can get these god-awful college essays done.