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Monthly Archives: November 2004

I am not avoiding my homework! I am NOT!

Maybe if I don’t look at it, maybe it will go away Now If I fell asleep on the keyboard maybe I would be one of those interesting sleep-typists and I would write something interesting. More likely I would just break something. hmmm… beware of the alchemists!

I think I need to turn off this computer for a week and read a couple of good books. I feel like I spend way too much time on this thing. In the end I am just making life harder by distracting myself with it. The internet is like some drug and no one has […]

Ian’s Haircut

I am sure all of you know Ian, my little brother. Well just now things have reached a climax of tension and his grades were slipping. It has been just enough excuse for my parents to cut his hair. That’s it. Short. He is throwing a tantrum and hurling curses I have never heard him […]

Lets blow this scene

So I was home sick today… I just happened to spend the whole day working on my extended essay in my distracted roundabout way. *Cough* I actually do feel wretched so I don’t feel guilty about staying home. Though I am going to get hell for missing Wannamaker’s test and whatever essay torture I missed […]

hello, my name is Hannah and I work in an essay factory

Sometimes I feel like stress is a tangible object. I just want some closure to all this schoolwork. And then I realize that even though I am flipping out. It really doesn’t have that much of an impact in the first place. I think I am making myself sick. You know that feeling when you […]


Ok so the Bootlegs that Andrew told me not to buy arrived today. ^____^ The subtitles are so awful it is hilarious. (Luffy=Roof / Zoro=Souron / Shanks=Jack where did they pull that one from?) Honestly the people who wrote these could not speak English. In retrospect it was a pretty good deal. I mean they […]

So I am sitting here eating day old Chinese food, by the light of the lava lamp. It is nice and mellow in my room. I know I am going to be doing some serious stresin’ later tonight. But live in the moment, right? As I try to make my icons random and interesting maybe […]

I don’t understand how people can be so obsessed that they would rather not sleep just to get some grade. So I see people in class who are half-dead and bitchy (with good reason) failing the tests they stayed up all night studying for, because they are too tired to take them. Essays written at […]

I hate it. I want to update so badly but I have nothing to say. Nothing at all… maybe if I sit here for a couple of minutes something will come to me…. Nope!

Election Day

As much as I want to say something witty about our screwed up government and our delightful election system. I honestly want it to be over. I am sick of signs in everyone’s yard. I am sick of people being so on edge all the time. As it we were not an uptight culture to […]