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I think I need to turn off this computer for a week and read a couple of good books. I feel like I spend way too much time on this thing. In the end I am just making life harder by distracting myself with it. The internet is like some drug and no one has figured it out yet. I’d bet money that if somehow the internet got shut down there would be loads of teenagers going into withdrawal. (me included) Blah. I am just tired and cranky and worried about my homework. This morning I was laid low by a massive attack of cramps. You guys just wouldn’t understand. But right now I feel obliged to explain how a sharp aching gut wrenching cramp can prevent a person from walking and send shivers to the arms and legs. -__- I’m fine now. I usually end up sleeping it off and the waking up several hours later feeling GREAT. I know it’s weird.

We got the grout in between the tiles today, and that took way too much time. Most of it involved washing the grout dust off the tiles. That damn dust wouldn’t come off. Now All we have to do it seal the whole sucker up and install cabinets! ^__^ For Thanksgiving we went to the national park and ate at the lodge and hiked around in the cold. Come to think of it all my PMS amounted to we me being incredibly cheerful at Publix. Informing everyone that debit was down so they had better whip out their credit cards. And I was Express! The day before Thanksgiving.

Maybe I’ll clean my room sometime tomorrow. Woah! Sudden wave of sleepiness. I am done complaining. I am sure that now you are throughly annoyed I can sleep soundly dreaming of something weird and maybe by an act of divinity I will somehow dig myself an air hole through the mountain of IB.

Oh PS. Andrew/Brian, I would love to cosplay as Pacifica! That was awesome. I just have to figure out those curls. And Brian you were right she is like me. When she was trying to eat that lobster, all I could do was laugh…