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Ok so the Bootlegs that Andrew told me not to buy arrived today. ^____^ The subtitles are so awful it is hilarious. (Luffy=Roof / Zoro=Souron / Shanks=Jack where did they pull that one from?) Honestly the people who wrote these could not speak English. In retrospect it was a pretty good deal. I mean they are pretty DVDs that play fine. If I were to rip DVDrs myself that would be about $3 per DVD and for the 24 DVDs that would be…$72 including my stylish hand written labels. What I got was only $45 with shipping. So I can deal with the subtitles. I think bad dubs would be more frustrating. I am spoilt by the fansubbers.

Anyhoo, I am working on my EXTENDED ESSAY *dramatic chord* It would be nice if the thing weren’t so… long. But what have to complain about. I’ll bet there are loads of people who would love to be in my shoes with nothing but an essay to worry about. Hehh. I got it pretty good. Now if only I were enlightened, now that would be sweet. I think I am going to take a nice hot bath tonight. Mmmmm… I wonder if there is anything to drink in this house. (but why’s the rum gone!!?)

We are finally painting the kitchen! Progress! Soon we might have such innovations as a sink and FLOORS! W00T!

I love floors!