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hello, my name is Hannah and I work in an essay factory

Sometimes I feel like stress is a tangible object. I just want some closure to all this schoolwork. And then I realize that even though I am flipping out. It really doesn’t have that much of an impact in the first place. I think I am making myself sick. You know that feeling when you wake up after you’ve had a stuffy nose and you mouth has been open all night and your throat hurts and your body aches. Just sore, it’s as though my body thinks I have been in a fight, and all I have been fighting with is this essay.

What I have is crap. Awful useless miserable crap. My focus changed a bit and now a lot of what I had (even though it was crap to begin with at least it was relevant crap) it entirely off topic. So I am staring this thing down and trying to show it who’s boss. It is staring me down and intimidating the hell out of me. And what kills me is that as long as I have known about this essay I could have written one word a day and been good to go. But where is the thrill in that? Formatting? what’s that? I have to reference these images and I really don’t know how to do that. Bah

I never thought we would all think Othello was funny. We are a disgrace as an audience. I mean we were laughing at the death scene. I know it was a bit melodramatic but still…