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Ian’s Haircut

I am sure all of you know Ian, my little brother. Well just now things have reached a climax of tension and his grades were slipping. It has been just enough excuse for my parents to cut his hair. That’s it. Short. He is throwing a tantrum and hurling curses I have never heard him say before. He has so little self-esteem. I mean when I was going through that hard age; at least I had the good grades. He is in tears right now and honestly I can’t bear to be around that right now. It is heartbreaking. I am just glad they don’t flip so much about MY failing grades. He is off everything until he can get it together. I can be sympathetic but a C in orchestra? Come on you have to try to do badly in one of those classes. Regardless it is cut, if the screams I hear from downstairs are any evidence.

I hate to see him in such a state. We are really good friends. I have to say that even though he is grounded I can do my part and slip in some bootleg anime. This actually is one of the first times I have been totally not involved in the drama. I am just on the sidelines. I think that they should have given him a warning and a chance to pull them up before resorting to extreme punishment. But with the stress in my house right now. I don’t think anyone has that much patience.

Mom and Michael have been working long days on renovating the kitchen. Dad has been given a mindless and infuriating yet incredibly time consuming project that has him working 7 days a week. Ian is doing that whole early puberty thing. Me? I have IB. So I wonder if it is safe to go downstairs and see the results. …Oh man a buzz cut.

He thinks that he kids are going to make fun of him. (even though they made fun of his long hair) That is sad. I hope he cheers up. It really doesn’t look bad. He is just so upset and there is nothing I can do.