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Monthly Archives: December 2004

I guess a lot of things have happened since my last update. But sometimes I feel that LJ can easily digress into what-I-did-today sort of journal. I got to hang out with Kitkat and Dani and that was fantastic. You hear that?! You guys are fucking awesome!! Ok *ahem* I am a little sleepy and […]

Prince of Persia

So was playing Brian’s Prince of Persia… obsessively. It is so satisfying to slice into these zombies of time and run along walls. It is a video game dream. To cross giant chasms without the need of ledges! Take that ledges! Ian is playing around in the “bath room” though with all the bimbo zombies […]

I have to go to work in a couple of minutes. Bah! I don’t like working on Sundays. I am going to practice that TOK oral with Neysha when I get back at 9:00. I need to grab something to eat before I go. It is the most miserable to wrok at a grocery store […]

I am going to UGA! Woot! I have been accepted.


So instead of going home after school, Brain, Andrew and I trip over to Dani’s house. We chill, talk, eat food and have a grand old time. I missed Dani and Bill so much. They are so huggable. I have an entirely different opinion of Kell after talking to Dani and salmon chowder is nice. […]

I swear I feel like no matter how much progress we make on the house it just keeps on falling apart. Today on the ceiling we found some serious water damage. Apparently our Air Conditioning was not finished properly and the bugger had been leaking for weeks. So we call in the people who did […]