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I swear I feel like no matter how much progress we make on the house it just keeps on falling apart. Today on the ceiling we found some serious water damage. Apparently our Air Conditioning was not finished properly and the bugger had been leaking for weeks. So we call in the people who did it and they fixed it but meanwhile my parents are installing cabinets… or trying to. Somehow my room is not connected in any way to the temperature of the rest of the house. So it has of late taken on a tropical feel. This is ok by me. I would much prefer a toasty warm room instead of a freezing cold one.

Yesterday I was late to work. A good 40 minutes late. I thought I was supposed to go in at 12:00 but apparently I had the wrong info. So I was busy sleeping in when I got called by a concerned FEC. So I manage so make haste to the grocery store. They weren’t mad or anything. I am never late. But they did give me some grief. And then I went out to eat with Sally and Woody who came up from Florida at a vegetarian Indian restaurant. (I can’t spell the name) and bumped into Dr. Smith and his family. And He was like you need to order this *points at menu*

This weekend I really indulged myself. I know how I was planning on not reading ahead in the One Piece manga. Well I changed my mind and I read it all… up to chapter 347. It took me roughly two straight days to read it all. Ohhhh so goood ^___^ it only gets better after Alabasta. And I am itching to talk about it but I know that would spoil it for people and I get enough grief for that as it is. Now I can read some Hamlet and go to sleep.

Ney- I am going to see if I can borrow the movie DVD from someone. We can talk about it all tomorrow. No worries we have till Thursday.

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