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Prince of Persia

So was playing Brian’s Prince of Persia… obsessively. It is so satisfying to slice into these zombies of time and run along walls. It is a video game dream. To cross giant chasms without the need of ledges! Take that ledges! Ian is playing around in the “bath room” though with all the bimbo zombies I doubt it was used for bathing. It’s like AHHHH! I have been cursed into looking like exactly the same creepy sprite as everyone else. Oh the humanity of it. Where is their motivation? Why do they want my life?
Addictive game. And it is so much fun to play video games with Brian. I don’t know where he finds to patience to continue watching was I am sliced to death again and again by those damn slicy blades. *Fall, slice, stands up, slice, stands up, slice, stands up, slice, dies* Or as I am laying on the ground as the zombies hoard around taking turn cutting at me. Oh look it’s A GODDAMMED CRACK LET ME SQUEEZE MY SKINNY SELF THROUGH HERE! Oh, you can’t fit? Guess you can go the long way, or diet. LOL I am so hooked.

Now I must return to my history mock exam.

Everyone who forgot: remember to turn in your math project to Connelly before the break. It would really suck to not get that in on time. *sweatdrop*