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So instead of going home after school, Brain, Andrew and I trip over to Dani’s house. We chill, talk, eat food and have a grand old time. I missed Dani and Bill so much. They are so huggable. I have an entirely different opinion of Kell after talking to Dani and salmon chowder is nice. It was so good to see you Dani!

Sometimes I feel really out of it. I mean I don’t ever hang out with my girl friends, mostly just boys… Please help me out here, I don’t want to regress to the introvert I was in middle school. I think a lot of it is that everyone is getting really tired. The semester is almost over (Thank goodness) and everyone is very much at the end of their rope.

So afterwards I come home to A STOVE! WE CAN COOK REAL FOOD AGAIN! I am so tired of eating frozen TV dinners and stir fry I promptly made myself tea. Because without a stove you can’t even boil water. Next step… the SINK.