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Monthly Archives: January 2005

I AM MR. ROSS!!!!!

I win! You scored as You are Mr. Ross. Good for you. You are Mr. Ross 100% You are Docta Daaavis 50% You are Coach Hardin 42% You are Dr. Wannamaker 33% You are Madame Methvin 25% You are Ms. Yoder 0% You are Mrs. Dixon 0% You are the dreaded Romanchuk 0% Which Campbell […]

So I am feeling pretty wretched right now so I am staying home from school. Brian, If no one brings anime to club I have some in my locker. Call me if you need a combination. Yea, guess who got iced in at my house for the weekend. So I unexpectedly spent the weekend with […]

So I am trying to finish all my sketches for Mr. Ross. It doesn’t help that for the past week I have been under serious artist’s block. So far I have one that is fantastic and I want to go ahead and paint right now and one that should never see the light of day […]

Oh my GOD my Winamp is fixed!!!!!! It was terrible; the ghetto winamp was glitching out all over the place. THANK YOU BRIAN! It had gotten so bad it was only working so occasionally I figured that I would just put it on mute and keep it running. Apparently I had just been installing one […]

One thing that really upsets me is when people get mad at me and don’t talk to me about it. Instead they’ll complain about me to someone else. I mean if I ever do anything that makes you mad, good grief people just come talk to me. Say “Hannah I am pissed” I don’t know […]

So I was surprised by Brain, Andrew and Dani at work today. Apparently I was completely oblivious to them until they had been standing there for a good long time. Thank you guys. Even though it was short is made my evening more pleasant. Then after they left I succeeded in promptly bashing my head […]

couple of announcements here I have a new email address which is very nice You will all still be able to contact me through the old email but I would like to gradually like to move to this one. (no spam) Another thing… I have Amy Cook’s agenda book. I found it in my […]

I think I need to sit down and read myself to sleep. I haven’t done that in a while. maybe I’ll start something new. I feel very anti-social and a little lonely at the same time. How does that work? Meeh I find the Internet tends to become very lonely after a while. It is […]