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So I was surprised by Brain, Andrew and Dani at work today. Apparently I was completely oblivious to them until they had been standing there for a good long time. Thank you guys. Even though it was short is made my evening more pleasant. Then after they left I succeeded in promptly bashing my head against the register. I managed to hold in the vile cursing until the customers left.

Hopefully there will be pizza soon. So that I can eat something before I start on that dreadful History paper 3 mock exam. I am going to be screwed during the IB exams. But then again nothing could ever be harder than Spanish. I just don’t want to get off my but and do it, if you know what I mean. Here’s to procrastination. I like how Andrew put it, “I am planning my time for later accomplishments.” Apparently later is 12:30 because that is when I will finish. Bahhhh!

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