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One thing that really upsets me is when people get mad at me and don’t talk to me about it. Instead they’ll complain about me to someone else. I mean if I ever do anything that makes you mad, good grief people just come talk to me. Say “Hannah I am pissed” I don’t know where that came from, but whatever. Moving on…

I have been having an art block. Maybe I just need to sit and meditate. That will probably pull some ideas out of the ether. Though if any of you has any interesting ideas for me to paint involving trees I’m am all ears. I Think I might do some very close up paintings of trees or maybe try a different angle. I Know I just need to go out and walk around, you know and sniff around, lay down and just look at trees. Mr. Ross is right. I need to go in a new direction and I don’t want to feel like I am repeating myself.

Hmm… I have some homework; I don’t think I will get to Wannamaker’s crap essay until tomorrow. I always fall asleep in that class. And I know it is so rude of me because he is standing right there and I sit on the front row. But maybe he needs to get the message and make his class more interesting. If only I could divide myself into two Hannahs. One could do one homework and one could do something fun and I would get everything done so much faster. Though I would probably have half the attention span and be constantly distracted. Which would suck. Though I could probably pull off a short attention span at work seeing that there is virtually no thought involved in my job. Other than the obligatory greeting. But I end up repeating myself so many time there is hardly any thought in that either. Everyone it fucking “fine” Yea hell right! Sure you are “fine” Get off your high horse and talk to the cashier asshole! I mean, “How are you doing today?”

Yesterday we watched Chinese bootleg One Piece. It was fun. I think the terrible subtitles added certain flair of their own. I think that Luffy is the son of the Pirate King. I am convinced and now I must find evidence of this. Next time I think we should watch it dubbed Chinese. That would be twice the fun.

Yea I know my update is fragmented, but it is the best I can do right now. I don’t feel like complaining and I am not feeling too interesting. Maybe if I get a chance I will be able to get a start on Falkner and his Mississippi novel ( I really just wanted to type Mississippi) Though I probably will just play on the computer for hours and hours. Take that!

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