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I AM MR. ROSS!!!!!

I win!

You scored as You are Mr. Ross. Good for you.

You are Mr. Ross


You are Docta Daaavis


You are Coach Hardin


You are Dr. Wannamaker


You are Madame Methvin


You are Ms. Yoder


You are Mrs. Dixon


You are the dreaded Romanchuk


Which Campbell Teacher Are You?
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So I ended up sleeping all day. Woke up at 6:30 as usual. Dad was like “Hannah you sound terrible!” and I am like “but it is an art day!” and thus I stayed home. Couple of hours later I crawled into bed under a virtual mountain of blankets and had very strange fever dreams. I slept for 7 hours. My folks kept on waking me up trying to get me to eat something, and I told them I would get up in a little bit… yea right. But I feel much better and I am at the fun stage where I sound like I am dying but I feel fine. That headache and woozy, horrible cough, and soreness is gone. Now I have to find it in me to go back to sleep after sleeping all day. I think I will manage somehow.

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