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So I am sitting here in Amber’s dorm at UGA. She is still sleeping to me Ort and I are being quiet. We all stayed up late last night and hung with Kunal and Tom at the other dorm. From what I’ve seen I figure I need a loft bed and a hammock. I can try to bring as little stuff as I can when I come to college. Though I am pretending right now that I am not a high school student. I think I can pull it off pretty well. …maybe. It is just so cramped, I am going to have to make this work.

Courtney says HI

I haven’t walked into the showers here yet and honestly I am a little afraid to. I am looking at Amber’s alarm clock. It has 4 hands I wonder how that works. Is the 4th one just for show or is it alarm related? Well I should probable get out of my pajamas and all that jazz.

Please remind my parents to feed my fish! They probably won’t die but it is the principle of the thing.