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So I get on my computer to open my newest CD that I pirated only to find that all the tracks were compressed into one mp3… I am like, “good grief I might as well have a tape of it.” I might not burn it just delete the mutant sucker.

Andrew, Dani, and Brian stopped in for a couple of hours. I still haven’t gotten used to the Dani/Andrew couple but I am just being slow. Though I did get my ass handed to me by Brian on Super Smash Brothers. I think he felt bad about beating me one on one but I just felt more competitive. He is Link and I am Roy, so there is none of that distance stuff it is all sword clashing and stuff. After they all go home I go fight level 9 Link to practice on. I just don’t buy that whole “Link is slow” crap anymore level 9 Link is the fastest little sucker I have ever fought. But the real point is that I can only beat him as Marth. I am just not all that good with Roy. Next time I go against Brian I will take him down with Marth. After I practice. I will beat Brian… yes… no hard feelings…

UGA was awesome. I just want to run off to college and move in. That whole complete lack of supervision is the most wonderful sense of freedom. Even if that freedom is confined to a closet sized dorm room. I didn’t quite grasp the extent of Courtney’s obsession with Indians until I saw her drooling at india night. Take a deep breath girl. It was good to see Kunal and Amber again, and I think I made a very odd impression on her boyfriend Tom. But when don’t I make an odd impression. I got the most interesting ring EVAR!

the end

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