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Abomination and bitchery!

So I am having a pretty mellow afternoon. I think that I might as well get to bed early seeing that I am fated to fail the history test anyway. He always picks the most obscure and useless facts to test you on. I think that is what bothers me about his class. I am a big picture person and all these little facts seem to get in the way of me understanding. He uses the “you needed to read it at home” excuse to excuse himself from teaching the material. I guess it is that he spends all his time on little things and glosses over what’s on the test. And I can not be tested on something that we have gone over 20 min ago it hasn’t sunk in yet. Enough with that. Bit of a preemptive rant.

I haven’t really thought about this till recently but I can solve all my space issues through my network. I can store stuff on the family computer and access it through my computer. It hit me like lightning this morning when my computer was like “I am out of space on drive C” and “I am also out of memory…” “Can I reboot…? PLEASE?” “Kill me now.” So I just take a bunch of stuff on the network and I am good to go. Only problem it, if the network goes down, which it sometimes does, I can’t get at my stuff. Oh well just trying to keep my computer happy. I think my biggest problem is that I am always running on empty. Computers just don’t work right on 300mg or space. It screws with their head. If I remember I will defrag her tonight after I am done with my music…

I am going to go make myself some tea and enjoy this mellow music I am really into right now.