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UGA trip plans

Alright Amber, Ort, and Becca. The plan is as follows. Friday you two will bring your stuff to school and leave it in the art room. I talked to Mr. Ros and he said that it would be fine. I am not going to try and drag you all to anime club… In the afternoon we are going to take the IB bus home to my place. Remember to get a note. I talked to my bus driver she said that we could fit you two, and as for the sleeping gear you can stash that all under the bus. I did manage to get this weekend scheduled off so there are no work problems. I get home from the bus stop at about 4:30. So We will probably leave for UGA at about 5:00. I am not sure how long it takes to get there but my mom assures we can take a route that avoids a lot of traffic so I guess we’ll arrive in Athens a couple hours later. We can all read Light in August on the way! jk… How does that sound? If there is any part of the plan that does not work it is not set in stone.

Note to Brian 46-10-2 Though you might want to bring the well subtitled One Piece, If you guys end up watching One Piece I think we are on ep.25 or something close.