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Monthly Archives: March 2005

Dr. Frankenstein of Syntax

Ok so my computer is doing something strange and maybe one of you might know what it is. Sort of a minor thing but it is really getting to me. My icons seem to be eroding. Like the little icons for folders or website favorites are loosing pixels of color and are gradually becoming transparent… […]

So today is my birthday, and I’m 18. This is where I stand in front of the mirror and say to myself “Damn I am old” but whatever. I don’t feel any different, but now I am legal and can vote and buy porn. I need to relax and write my History Internal Assesment. Now […]

So I am struggling tonight I have homework in every class tomorrow. This hasn’t happened in a long time… So with that said I have pulled three …interesting…. sketches out of my ass and so I am going to call that good. My fingers are green and my face has pink from class today so […]