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Monthly Archives: May 2005

Today we practically finished the wood floors downstairs. There are only a few unfinished places (in front of the door, the fireplace, parts of the closet) But for the most part the downstairs is DONE. After years of Concrete it feels really nice. Lesson learned: never attempt this at home, kids. We still have to […]

So I just got home from a painful long day of work. I had to open up my schedule and since I really had no set schedule to coordinate with I left myself free to work everyday except Tuesday. So umm… I plan on not working Tuesdays. I think I am going to lie down.


So I have graduated. I wanted to thank all my friends who have made high school good. I also wanted to thank all the people who weren’t my friends and all the villains and antagonists who made high school interesting. I didn’t manage to keep the tears in at all. I thought I might but […]

SAT Essay Test Rewards Length and Ignores Errors

So I found this new NYtimes article about the new SATs I know that most of you all will never take it again but still parts of this worry me. Worry me in the same way that they do not teach cursive handwriting in elementary school anymore. Apparently the longer the essay the better the […]

I think the other IB livejournals sum up the exams nicely for me. Biology paper 2 was, furious. I’ll leave it at that. Tomorrow I’ll take that blasted History final and get that out of the way. Oh and everyone remember to bring back textbooks. Because if you don’t Mrs. Dixon will hunt you down […]

History paper 1 and 2 tomorrow

I am worried that the History exam will be hard. This year history (a subject I have always been good at) has been very hard for me. I think this is due to Doctor Wannamaker’s teaching style. This really is the biggest problem I have with the man. He doesn’t tell history like it is […]

My icon is sex

So I have faithfully been attempting to re-read One Hundred Years of Solitude on Mrs. Smith’s recommendation. I doubt I will even get half way but that in itself is a daunting task. Especially when my stomach it roaring for me to go and make lunch. *rar grawr…* Today is the birthday of two of […]

negotiations are poor between PC and printer

The exam was pretty good today, for paper one tomorrow I have to remember to look over it for enough time and figure out what I am saying before I stumble though the essay like a someone feeling around in the dark, aimlessly bumping into themes and literary elements throughout the paper, tripping and falling […]

I am going back to my essay in a minute… I swear. This weekend my manager decided to skip off for the next two weeks and without warning scheduled everyone for these two weeks. So no one got a chance to ask time off if they needed to and are all freaking out. My manager […]