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Today we practically finished the wood floors downstairs. There are only a few unfinished places (in front of the door, the fireplace, parts of the closet) But for the most part the downstairs is DONE. After years of Concrete it feels really nice. Lesson learned: never attempt this at home, kids. We still have to do the stairs/upstairs and we are sweating bullets wondering if we have enough wood to cover the upstairs. It would really suck to start that and then not be able to finish it. There is no way to pull this stuff up after it’s nailed down, without extreme anger and liberal amounts of swear words.

I have so far failed to bet into my bookworm mode after school. WHat have I been doing? Watching anime, playing video games, and sleeping. The sleeping part is nice. Mrs. Smith would be proud I even went and got a Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Marquez. Yar… I be done now.