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negotiations are poor between PC and printer

The exam was pretty good today, for paper one tomorrow I have to remember to look over it for enough time and figure out what I am saying before I stumble though the essay like a someone feeling around in the dark, aimlessly bumping into themes and literary elements throughout the paper, tripping and falling face first with a 4.

Once more I have put of my homework. If is wasn’t semi-conscious in the morning I would be one of those people finishing up 15 minutes before class and then kicking myself for finishing early. So I stay up late and get cranky and write poorly. But that isn’t the real problem here. The problem is that my computer is not connected to a printer. Technically it is “networked” which means that my computer decidedly chooses not to talk to the printer as a sort of feud thing. I have to send my little Juliette of an essay through insane routes to even get through to the printer. Lets just say it involves me walking into another room to negotiate and print.